Morphing Marketing Werewolf

Posted on November 4th, 2016

You’ve been through discussions and planning meetings, and your campaign is approved and solid. The marketing is aligned to your audience, tactics are synchronized, the messaging is on-point and the creative is catchy and memorable. What could go wrong?

Then there’s a subtle change. One tactic is cut to save on cost. Oh, and the messaging needs a slight change, too. And the ad design is getting tweaked. Another trim here … and tiny tweak there … and before you know it, the campaign has morphed into an entirely different animal.

The result?
The morphing frenzy can throw the entire campaign out of sync. Messaging slips off-point, creative loses its potency and tactics don’t line up as well. It’s also easy to rack up additional costs from copy and design rework and vendor changes because the project has spiraled out of scope.

What to do about it
Follow the process. Develop a strategy before designing ads. Get proper approvals at each stage before you move on. This will help build your campaign on a solid foundation and ensures your team is all pointed in the right direction.

As a marketer, adjustments and last-minute changes are inevitable. But your job is to ensure that in the midst of changes, the tactics, messaging and creative are still aligned to your target audience and their buying funnel.

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