The Pieced-Together Creation

Posted on November 11th, 2016

Over the years, you’ve accumulated a collection of marketing assets from different campaigns or materials – things like taglines, copy, product descriptions, photos, designs, the list goes on … At some point, you might think: “Since management wants me to reduce costs, and we have all these assets at our disposal, let’s just freshen up our marketing by using what we already have to save a few dollars.”

Brilliant! (Or is it … ?)

When you take copy from one campaign and stick it with creative from another campaign and try to match it with some new marketing channels and then bolt on some design treatment from a separate promotion, you’re at risk of creating a pieced-together monster. While smart spending is a much-needed core competency for any marketing department, this method of piecing and patching can also reduce your marketing effectiveness.

The result?
Like Frankenstein’s Monster, your marketing might look alive, but it won’t operate like the finely tuned campaign you once envisioned. It might look a bit botched, sound off-key, have a clumsy call-to-action and, therefore, will likely make a jumbled mess of your marketing objectives.

What to do about it
Choose wisely when repurposing marketing assets. It’s probably fine to reuse some photos or taglines, but make sure they fit the specific strategy. If at some point you realize the marketing pieces just aren’t lining up, repurpose what you can, but invest the necessary time and money to fill in the gaps of your campaign so that it is effective for your audience.

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