Don’t End on “Thank You”

Posted on May 3rd, 2017

For many moons, website best practices told businesses to send visitors to a thank you page after they submitted a contact form. This is a best practice because 1) it provides users feedback that their form was sent successfully and 2) it allows marketers to easily track form completions for analytics, reporting and optimization.

The typical thank you page says something like, “Thanks for your submission. We will contact you shortly.”

But why end the conversation there? That’s essentially telling the user, “Thanks, bye now” and ending the interaction. You are intentionally creating a dead end on the site that prompts user exits.

It’s time to start thinking bigger. There is a smarter way to use thank you pages.

Instead, use your thank you page to lead the user somewhere else for more engagement! Turn that dead end into a path that leads to better things.

Keep “Thanks for your submission. We will contact you shortly.” But then add one or more actionable options such as:
“Keep Browsing”
“See our latest products”
“Follow us on social media”
“Subscribe to our email newsletter”
“Subscribe to our other newsletter”
“Watch this video”
“Download _________”

The objective is to give visitors more ways to engage with you, or provide a specific action that helps them move through your customer funnel.

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