Turn it up to 11

Posted on March 10th, 2014

The impact of your marketing communications budget, that is.

This anniversary year has had some of us at B+B looking back at the last 20 years – contemplating the things that have changed, along with some communications truths that have remained fundamentally the same. So here and there throughout the next 12 months, we thought we would refresh and republish some nuggets from the past two decades, starting with ideas on lean communications. This is the first in an 11-post series: “11 Ways to Save Money and Still Get Results,” from an article first seen in a 2003 Loud and Clear newsletter.

#1 – Buy ideas only.
Your business may be doing more communications work “in house” these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely give up the collaborative relationships you’ve nurtured with your agency partners. Instead of having the agency handle the complete implementation of your project or program, ask them to work with you on the front end, with strategy development and creative concepts. Take advantage of the fresh perspectives your agency team can provide to lay the foundation for a successful program, then implement in house. You’ll gain the benefit of strong planning and creative direction and still save money.

Speaking of 11 … did you know that three decades ago this week, the rock parody This Is Spinal Tap hit theaters? Check out the Rolling Stone article about the 11 music trends the movie predicted.